Car Hire Excess Insurance Explained


Car Hire Excess Insurance Could Potentially Save Your Holiday

Travelling can be stressful enough without all the added worries that pile on. By the time you get to the car hire desk, chances are you’re tired, managing some very cranky kids and itching to get on with your holiday. This is around the time that you overlook certain things to rush out of the airport. Hiring a car can be tricky business if you don’t read the terms and conditions correctly. Car hire excess insurance can often fall to the back of your mind.

Don’t Be Fooled

Holidaymakers often assume they are getting full comprehensive cover on their hired car which will cover the cost of any damage once they drive off. However, there is a big catch – car hire excess.

Car hire excess is the amount which you must pay, out of your own pocket should there be any damage to the rented car while you’re hiring it. This excess is not covered by the comprehensive insurance on your hired car. The smallest scratch on the rented car could result in one nasty bill at the end of your holiday. The Excess will range, depending on the country and the car rental company, from about €200 to €2,000.

Often they will tell you just as you’re hiring your car, that the comprehensive insurance won’t cover damages leaving you dumbfounded. • Another trend among car hire companies is the offer of an additional cover you can purchase from them direct, to avoid the hefty bills if you pay them somewhere between around €10 for each day you’re hiring the car. That means you’re paying at least 100 euro more than you expected to.

That’s where car hire excess insurance comes in. offers a range of policies that can protect you from those nasty fees should your hired car be damaged while in your care.

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